Rider 25

Water softener

Compact water softener with low consumption and low flow.

One of the best-selling water softeners on the market. Its reliable technology (piston valve) and robustness make it very resistant over time. The easy and intuitive programming allows you to choose between volumetric, chronometric or mixed mode. It is perfect for today’s homes.
By-pass override, hardness mixer and safety buoy are included as standard, guaranteeing safe and comfortable operation.

Technical data:

  • Dimensions (alto x ancho x fondo): 1100mm x 360mm x 530mm
  • Resin Volume (l): 25
  • Working Flow (m³/h): 1
  • Maximum Flow (m³/h): 1,5
  • Maximum hadrness: 120º HF
  • Operating voltage: 220V/50Hz-24VAC
  • Working temperature: de 4ºC a 35ºC