RO Sintra

Compact Reverse osmosis

Water quality, quality of life, health, wellness for you and your family. Sintra offers the latest technology in home water treatment. Sintra certificates and control systems, guarantees the best performance and maximum quality.

Reverse osmosis system with Aquastop and water 9uality control. Idea

The Flavour of purity

Sintra is the result of the study, design and manufacture of a large multidisciplinary team which have intervened biologists, engineers, designers, housewives and water treatment sellers. We achieved a compact, modern, simple, easy to maintain and durable equipment. This is our philosophy when it comes to making something as important as a appliance.  The chemical composition and concentration of salts and other substances from water to equipment input affects osmosis purified water.
Sintra® TFC reverse osmosis membrane is capable of reducing the concentrations of elements and compounds listed in the following tables, among others.

Technical data Pump Version:

  • Dimensions: 400 mm x 250 mm x 430 mm
  • Weight: 14 kg.
  • Inlet TDS (max.) : 2000 ppm
  • Temperature (max. – min.): 40ºC/ 2ºC
  • Membrane: 75 GPD
    Membrane production: 150 lpd*. Water softened with 250 ppm. 25ºC. 15% conversion
    Membrane pressure: 3,4 bar
  • Inlet Pressure: 1 / 2,5 bars 100 – 250/ 600kPa
  • Faucet: 1 way
  • Pump: Booster.
  • Max accumulation: Presurized tank. 5,5 l
  • Power Supply: 24Vdc. 28W
  • External adapter: 100-240V. 50/60Hz: 24Vdc

Original consummables:

  • Sediments filter GS Greenfilter (Ref: 291803)
  • 2 Coal Pre-filter GAC GS Greenfilter (Ref: 291902)
  • Remineralitzer post-filter GS Greenfilter (Ref: 291920)
  •  75 GPD Filmtec Membrane (Ref. 292500)