VD Black 20

Water softener

The VD Black 20 softener has the highest technology which facilitates its installation and maximizes its reliability.

The Direct Acces system makes programming easier and guarantees correct start-up. VD Black 10 incorporates the revolutionary Saving regen system. The most modern descaling technology applied at VD Black 20.

VD Black water softeners respect space and are capable of rapid regeneration thanks to their Speed Regen system. In addition, the VD Black 20 high flow broadband system prepares equipment to 100% meet the needs of homes and commercial facilities.

The VD Black 20 softener combines maximum performance and eco-efficiency in a compact design that delivers the ultimate in freshwater.

The VD Black range of water softeners has two VD Black 10 and 20 models depending on their flow capacity and hardness retention. Your dealer will conduct a technical study to determine which equipment is best suited to your needs.

Technical data:

  • Dimensions (lenght / width / depth) :  811mm x 270mm x 498 mm
  • Resin volum: 20 liters
  • Working flow: 1,6 m3/h

Table of capacities and salt consumption per regeneration:

  • Minimun: 60 ºHFxm³ – 1 kg
  • Medium: 88ºHFxm³ – 2 kg
  • Maximum: 124ºHFxm³ – 4 kg